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'Supernatural' 7.20 Recap: Geekster's Paradise

“Supernatural” has always been admirably diverse, but around the fifth season, hunting became a good old boys club.  Granted, those boys were equal parts pretty and goofy, but I was still perturbed by the severe lack of female hunters, angels and key players.  So I wished, prayed and may have even written a few angry emails begging for a decent female character that wasn’t a damsel in need of rescue or charmed by Sam and Dean’s spectacular faces, had no problem fighting for the greater good and maybe had a few awesome one-liners.  The answer to my prayers came in the form of Charlie Bradbury, a Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings lovin’ hacker who dared to complete an impossible mission even with the “Eye of Sauron” watching her every keystroke.  

Click the link for the rest of my recap!  

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