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The best thing about Dean “manhandling” Sammy is that it’s not a physical thing, it’s an emotional one.  Sam’s freaking giant, we all know this.  If he physically didn’t want to move, he’d plant his feet, push Dean away and wail on Gadreel like a badger on a cupcake.  The fact that he allows Dean stop him speaks to their emotional connection and says more than words ever could.  

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20 days of P!nk: Music Challenge [x]
Day 13 - A song from your favorite album ⟶ Try

The answer to this would be different every day, but right now it is “Try” from “The Truth About Love”. The video and live performance for this song are just so visually beautiful. Plus, it has some amazing lyrics that really apply to me and where I am in my life right now. 
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